90 Bartholomew Close is located within the City of London, the globally important finance and professional services hub, and adjacent to the creative, artisan area of Farringdon.

The immediate vicinity takes its name from the church and hospital of St Bartholomew the Great, which were established in the area in the 12th century. Both institutions exist to this day and the area has retained much of its medieval charm; an urban village with winding streets that now boasts an enviable café culture.

90 Bartholomew Close occupies a prominent peninsular position at the southern entrance to the newly completed Barts Square, a vibrant new mixed use quarter developed by Helical plc.

The property is therefore perfectly located to benefit from this fusion of historic and modern, corporate and creative environments, with the amenities of both major sub markets within easy reach.

The appeal of the location to a wide range of occupiers is evidenced by the tenant mix, both locally and within 90 Bartholomew Close.

90 BC Map